Alberto Jauregui


Monetizing Full Nodes with POKT Rewards

The blockchain ecosystem is currently undergoing a tragedy of the commons. Full-node counts are not only decreasing but also centralizing. 

Since the time of “The Race Is On to Replace Ethereum’s Most Centralized Layer” was published on December 5th, 2018, the total Ethereum node count has fallen from 11,803 to 7,669 as of now. Then, there’s an observable trend towards nodes moving to the cloud. According to a study by Chainstack, 61.6% of the total Ethereum nodes are run in the cloud, with the top ten cloud hosting providers accounting for a total of 57% of Ethereum nodes. This isn’t happening to just Ethereum, it also plagues other blockchain commons, because of the lack of inherent incentives to run full nodes. 


Plug n’ Play Hardware Node Holiday Wishlist

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday coming up, it’s time to load up on full node gear. What better way to show off your Web3 lifestyle while supporting sustainable decentralization of blockchain node infrastructure!?

These crypto OEMs build and ship pre-packaged a “node in a box”, making it simpler and easier to run a node. The industry is getting to the point where running a node will be as easy as plugging in a router. With incentivization schemes for monetizing full nodes, like VIPnode and Pocket Network, going live next year to further drive network growth and give at home node operators an opportunity to earn residual income, these are definitely the gifts that keep on giving.